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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Eleven Years In Love

The before the wedding picture. My dad had invited the snowbirds on either side of my brothers house to the ceremony, lucky for me, because one of them had a camera! These are pretty much the only pictures that were taken. I just happened to find them yesterday when I was searching for something else, how convenient.

My brother married us on his sailboat. Wooly and Capt. Tim stood up for us. Morgan's wife, Anna and my dad catered the celebration themselves.

Fortunately we were wearing white and the camera picked up on us, everyone one else was in the dark!

My dad had two cakes, white and chocolate, he couldn't choose!!

Interesting wedding, since we didn't have anything to do in the planning. Wooly Bully sang "Wooly Bully" , Captain Tim from the Miami Coast Guard, said the Marine wedding prayer. The neighbors, whom we did not know, turned out to be very interesting. The one couple had been married 52 years and they took the photos and mailed them to us. The other couple had been married 64 years and her mother was Mr. Roger's nanny, Mr. Rogers died that day!!  We spent our honeymoon on Big Pine, in the Keys, sick as dogs, we had caught the Sars Virus! Steve had rented a Mustang convertible for us to drive around Southern Florida. We had a ball. On the way home we stopped at my dad's home and had a cook out and went swimming in the pool, ate the chocolate cake and sang Happy Birthday to my dad.

Eleven Years In Love.

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Lynlee Sky said...

I love the photos!
Thank you for sharing them.


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