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Friday, June 28, 2019

Buffing Up The Holler!

Story Roofing came out a week ago last Tuesday. It took four men two days to tear off the old roof. 

It took two more days to put the new roof on. Four men and one more on the ground from seven until three to get the job done in a timely manner. 

She's looking good! 

Steve worked on the garden planting tomatoes and basil in among the roses and hostas. 

S and J Landscaping showed up and laid down a straw mat across the dirt bank to hold the seeds down so they can germinate and grow some ground cover to stop the erosion when it rains. 

I pulled out the porch furniture and created a cheery place to sit. 

We are waiting for the fellers to arrive, from Charlottesville VA, for the Fourth of July weekend. Still have some tweaking to do inside, but the outside of Hoot's Holler is looking mighty fine! 

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Inspired By The Truth

Thank you Christopher Halson Griffiths for using Instagram, all the way from DC, to give me a heads up that Wayne Kramer, of the MC5, was going to be in Suttons Bay MI for the Michigan Library Tour on Wednesday afternoon. 

How in the heck did our library get the honor to host Wayne Kramer and his new book, The Hard Stuff? He was chosen for the Michigan Notable Book Award to tour four libraries and talk about his book. His story was a revelation into his life as a Motor City revolutionist! From wire taping to being a part of the White Panthers he is known for "Kick Out The Jams"!  

Not having read the book, yet, he gave us his memoirs, on stage. Reading excerpts from the book to playing "The Old Triangle" he told his story. From out of the horse's mouth came the truth of a life lived full circle. Not feeling up to par because of radiation treatment for cancer he stood on the stage and spoke of his life experiences and how they shaped him to be the man that he is now. He spoke a well versed vocabulary.   

His wife and son were on this tour with him. It was a heartfelt family affair. She spoke with the audience as we lined up to have him autograph the book and she took pictures. 

He said on stage that he liked the question and answer part of the show. He did it well, every question was answered fully and we learned/understood a lot more than when we first sat down. He truly listened to what his audience wanted to say to him. Everyone had a different take on their experiences within the space and time of the MC5, politics and the Vietnam War. What we also learned about was prison mentality and how it affects the people incarcerated for punishment. He spoke of "Jail Guitar Doors USA, a nonprofit with a mission to help rehabilitate prison inmates by teaching them to express themselves positively through music." (Quoted off the jacket cover of the book.) Or as Will Hoge puts it, "a guitar or a gun". Life choices. Tough ones at that. 

So when it was my turn in line to have my copy of his story autographed I told him I had brought him a present. I told him it was political and that my son is the bass on this recording. Not playing the bass, he is the bass. To me it seems that "My American Dream" and Wayne Kramer run parallel. Thus the Will Hoge cd. Wayne said he would listen to it on the way home. 

The last musician memoir I read was Jaco "The World's Greatest Bass Player". After listening to Wayne Kramer tell his story I can't wait to read his memoir. Musicians are a special breed in that they are born with a special language at birth. Some may go and learn a second language but a musical artist is born with this gift. 

I think "we done kicked them out"! Thank you for the pleasure and the privilege of your story well told Wayne Kramer!

Afterwards, this dynamic duo went and sat outside at Martha's Leelanau Table and enjoyed cocktails and fried green tomatoes as we talked about the story we just heard. Our waitress took our picture. Thank you Debbie, it is a rare opportunity to have a photo of both of us together.


Sunday, June 16, 2019

Nope It's Not Summer Yet!

One last Tulip, hanging in there. 

The "Pinks" have not been planted yet. The spring has been very rainy and the temperatures, well let's just say that the furnace has been on most mornings this June.  

My husbands beautiful Rhododendrons are thriving in these cool, wet conditions.  

Now I know that this may seem awful late in the season for these flowers to bloom but we are up on the forty fifth parallel surrounded by a forty three degree Lake Michigan water temperature. A warm breeze does not across the water blow! 

Normally I wouldn't mind planting in the rain if it were a balmy sixty nine. But too damp and chilly today. 

A neighbor let Steve dig up Hostas, can't wait to put them in the ground. I even have my rain hat on thinking I would jump on the shovel. Maybe the sun will shine this afternoon. 

Mother Nature plants her Columbines every spring. 

Just a delight to see them in the rock garden. 

The Van Houttei Bridal Spirea hangs heavy with rain. 

Mother Nature's bridal bouquet. 

Remember I mentioned that I had picked up two cement baskets for free, along side the road? The lady giving them away had brought them out on a dolly. Now I know why, Steve had to use the dolly to move them into the garden they are so heavy! I love the look of them. Cement garden statuary, here and there, bring a fun whimsy into the mix. 

You are never going to believe this, the sun just came out as I was finishing up the blog! Time to go jump on the shovel.

If you are coming up north be sure to bring a sweatshirt and plan B just in case this summer is a bust weather wise. Always beautiful up here no matter what. 

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Thinking About Our Kitchen

Wood Countertops in the Kitchen: Yea or Nay? - The Glam Pad
In the fall Steve and I are going to be remodeling our kitchen, down here, in the Holler. We live in a full log home and the ceilings are unfinished floor boards between logs. So we are pretty dark and short of painting the logs, we have painted the floor, to lighten up some of the exposed wood surfaces. That said, I love the wood counter top, shown above. 

This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting two small shops that truly inspire me so I was so excited to share a tiny glimpse of them today on the blog in hopes that they would inspire you as well. One of my all time favorite things to do is visit small shops all over the country even more ever since we opened up our small brick and mortar shop 3 years ago. I love sharing them here on the blog to celebrate the small shops, but also because I know that everyone who stops by the blog is
Too much white on white for me, but I do like the "old" pine planks used to create this island. We have full Cedar logs and they are this warm, honey color.
A House in the Country #KitchenHomeDecoratingIdeas
On our want list is to make the big box recede and to create a pantry/closet at the front door entryway. Perhaps camouflaging the fridge doors in bead board. If I make the island into a long and narrow cabinet I could possibly put a small round table in front of the window while keeping the sink, stove and fridge in reach of the island. The cabinet will have deep drawers on gliders for easy access to pots and pans. 

Go Dodgers!!!! Also, This project is just all the things that make me the happiest. // #clientnogoogbungalow is filled with all this…
A tall, skinny fridge is what I want, with the bead board front, so it will become a piece of cabinetry. I like the distressed, black island with a maple top to match the other wood counter tops in the kitchen. I think the bead board and the island should be painted the same with maple pulls on the doors of the fridge. I also like the simplicity of the two stools, maybe I will dig down, into my sock money, and purchase a pair of Thomas Moser saddle stools!
The space we are working with lends itself to a long galley. We don't have quite this much room! I want the island to be narrow and long with drawers on one side and seating at one end. A painted floor, maple counter tops on top of a soft, black finish. Tall, skinny, bead board door, fridge and a pantry closet over by the entry door. If I create the island narrow enough I may be able to squeeze a table and couple of chairs in front of the window. 

I am taking out my twelve foot, stainless sink and counter and putting in wood counters around a porcelain sink. Finishing off with valences over both windows in a pretty floral chintz! 

A girl can dream!


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