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Saturday, April 25, 2015

What Caught My Eye This Week

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ℒ i n e n s
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Romantic Domestic: For the Love of All Things Red
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Top 12 House Plans of 2014 | White Plains Plan
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I feel a new home coming on. It may not be for a couple of years. In my minds eye the scheme is shaping up. Roof pitch and dormers, windows and light with clear, clean colors and lines.
I hope there is a tide chart in my future!

Take the weekend off.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Another Layer Arrived

The sweetest baby pieces came into the store today.

Soft, plush napping pad in a Fox and Hedgehog motif.
The little Fox hat, to wear for walks on Lake Michigan.

Searsucker dress, rolled neck sweater, sailboat blanket and plaid lined coat for your, "out east baby"!

Frame it or wear it?
Lily O's silk scarves.
 The colors on the silk are intense. 

Steve brought in his table that he built. Old Maple, harvested thirty years ago in Hoot's Holler. He did the legs in the Annie Sloan Chalk paint. Can't wait to show you the chairs I ordered to go around the table!

Anchor Cottage is getting new shipments in daily. As always,' it's a work in process", so they say. That just means the shop keeper uses her magic to work it into stock! We shall be bursting at the seams when the season starts.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pillows Pigs & Americana

Hung the Americana collection this week. Wouldn't the flags look great hung across a porch with a pine green painted floor and a long bench underneath?

It was more difficult, than I thought, to find the old flags. I believe the reason is that people dispose of the flags in the correct way which does not leave a lot of 48 stars or wool flags to collect and frame. 

Had to call the big guns in this week.

I still had pillows to make and ran out of time so I called Coco Sews. She did a fabulous job!

This room is turning out to be a favorite spot in the store! Any pieces that are not working are being placed in rug world and the eclectic mix looks fun!

These cushions are 26" square with navy wool piping and back. They are spectacular.

I did find time to make a valance last Sunday. It took 3 yards of voile, doubled, to make this 48" curtain. 

This picture is for my friend, Pat, as it is her home decor that has inspired me this season. Her bedroom is this blue and white and feels so fresh. I love her decorating sense.

Thank you Katherine, for making all the pillows in record time.

The fabric that has seduced me.

Pine Cone Hill has some great pillows to add to the mix.

What do they say in showbiz?

"That's all folks!"

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fresh Summer Colors

Comfy cozy cottage bedroom... love the idea of a painted ceiling instead of the walls.
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Savvy Southern Style: My Favorite Room......Common Ground
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{preppy} flowers
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Country blue paneling and starched linens
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Waiting for summer weather, here, in the Leelanau Peninsula. Being surrounded by big water and endless sky, the light is so beautiful this time of year. I like the white and blue color ways with a bit of faded red, shown above, for a freshwater cottage.

Have a nice weekend!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

It Happens Every Spring

The water overtaking the ice on Spring's first sunny day.

The light of coming May...

Money's birds arrive on a warm current.

Still have mirrors to hang...

and rugs to order.

A new cabinet graces this space with a table following close behind. What would spring in the store be without Steve's craftsmanship?

The walls still need the artwork up.

Crabtree & Evelyn needs to be ordered.

A darling hand-cobbled bed with a handmade quilt.

Presents for baby showers stacked up high.

Honey, I'm home.
First sunny day makes all the hard work, getting ready for the season, shine in the light which puts a smile on my face.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

On The Bright Side

1963.Cover design by Bruce Robertson
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DIY Morse Code Bracelets
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Hen House Linens
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DIY Rope Art for the Wall
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Pretty Peach Primrose
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So, I guess I will put on my spring mittens and head to the shop.
 I framed up my "Americana Collection" while I was at home yesterday. Can't wait to get it hung.

How do you like the 1963 cover design by Bruce Robertson?  Age is all in the mind.

Love the summery colors of the bracelets, mermaid and primrose. Mermaids do not live in the north because it is too cold for their bare little shoulders!

Hen House Linens sure look happy flapping in the warmth of a mid-summer supper!

I am ready for warmer temps and flowers in my yard!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Wishing For Warmer Days

I am not going to bother getting out my spring mittens. I am staying home from work today.

It is an icy, snowy, crusted on the car windows kind of morning. The county plow trucks won't even bother coming out for this and that makes for a slick drive on the back hills and curves on the way into work.
Upper Peninsula- Michigan
I copied this post off pinterest. How true it is!

Good day to work on a project.  

Thursday, April 2, 2015

As The Season Begins

This was a small order from just one company yesterday!

To compare stacks of boxes, go to the Happy Woman store and check out her jewelry displays, wonder what her pile of boxes looked like!

Thank you to all my great customers that made it out to opening day! There was a lot of good energy and smiles in my store.

Back to work!
The store is still in disarray and needs some focus to pull it together. I need to put on my apron and climb that ladder!


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