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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tasteful Tuesday Pins

The Exile, Thomas Cooper Gotch, 1930

The Exile, Thomas Cooper Gotch, 1930

Mosaic steps

Mosaic steps

Carolyn Quartermaine

Carolyn Quartermaine





Patterns and color combinations from around the world!

Thank you, Gracie Griffiths, Annechovie and Pigtown Design for pinning these pictures.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In Living Color

More sunny blues and yellows. 

Fresh, new bedding from Pine Cone Hill.

Still need to hang this school of fish by Jerry Piaskowski.

I like the "rugged man" corner of the shop.
Had to throw this into the mix as it is an incredible fusion of colors.
Lynlee Sky was rocking it that day!!

As much as I lean to primary colors I still appreciate a good dose of pink!

Have yourself a bright, beautiful day and don't be afraid to wear colorful pajama bottoms!! You know who you are:-)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Color Of Northern Nautical

Anchor Cottage sports her colors!

Signature reflection shot. A cameo of sorts. Thank you Alfred Hitchcock.

Here she is, starting to get pulled back to order.

I felt the need to use a lot of sunny yellow this spring.

I love this collection of old, English dishes.

I am happy with the color I choose for the french doors.

Still a bit of tweaking to do yet! 

Clean and crisp.

How about a 10' putting green rug?

Crabtree & Evelyn hand therapy, front and center. That stuff is so good!!

Added bedding swatches to the mix.

I really like the curtains in my store.

Thank you to my husband, SRS Painting, for the beautiful paint job on the doors. You are my hero!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Promise, Last Snow Shot Of The Season!

Lynlee Sky made this mosaic! I laid it in the snow and it just shone like a little jewel! It's barely 2 1/2" square and is 3 dimensional. 

She is having an exhibit at the Kerry House in Ann Arbor, MI.

Thank you Lynlee!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Tastefull Tuesday Morning

"The Pink Tablecloth": Henri Matisse.
"The Pink Tablecloth": Henri Matisse

blue and white tea cup with potted hyacinths
Grape Hyacinths in a blue and white cup and saucer.
Kate Middleton and Prince William Start Tour With George Photo 27
Perfect Grace.
VW Camper van/bus!
Secondary roads only!
Pink geraniums
Wish I had wintered over my Geraniums, these are a beautiful color of pink!
Good eye, this morning, my pinterest friends!

Thank you to the Happy Woman and Annechovie for posting such classey pins this morning!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

In The Midst Of Chaos, Sylvia's Birthday!

Time to flip the shop for opening day!

I brought my sewing machine in to sew fabric for curtains in the bedding area.

Took down the huge Crabtree & Evelyn shelving unit.

I am crazy about the fabric for the curtains.

I have a great table to spread out wallpaper books, fabrics, rug and bedding swatches for the ladies to look at.

Arranged the round pedestal table under the light fixture.

I am painting the interior of the french doors Licorice.

Took time out to celebrate Sylvia's birthday.

Hoping to have it all put back together by April 12th.

Moved my point of sale back to it's original space.

I would like to paint the rest of the fixtures the Dover White.

Should look fresh and clean when I am all done.

Out of chaos comes perfection. 

That's what shop keepers do this time of year. 


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