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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Atlantic Reflections

As the moon wanes full...

The storm of the century blows forth..

Steve climbs out of his shell....

All the stress and tension of the work season release....

Calm of lapping tides....

Calm of the softest of blues...

I observe the Atlantic Reflections on an October day....

Just us and them reflected in the tide...

Turning over shells, basking in the sun and surf...

Stroll back up the shore, singing under our breaths, the movement of the light and water rocking our souls.

Remnant Heist

There are so many fabrics to chose from. 

Did this color palette in my tear book on the way down south. Just Beige and White. 

Warm colors and soft patterns.

Pulled these swatches for Cherryll. She wanted fabric to cover 2 chairs, a pair of duvet covers and curtains for a guestroom overhaul.

This was the best "Blue" remnant collection I've made to date.

Picked out the Khaki velvet and the "muddy" floral for Jackie.

Pigskin, laminated, linen and cotton. I was able to find quite a few small remnants this year.

All in all, it was a good steal!

Way Down South In The Land Of Cotton

Sunday morning in Bennettsville, South Carolina. Just a hair over the North Carolina border.

From a distance it looked like snow!!

But, low and behold, it was acres and acres of cotton.

Amazing how soft to the touch the raw cotton feels.

The edges of the fields were lined with box-car size loaves of cotton awaiting transportation.

In Bennettsville you have the option of paying for a speeding ticket 2 ways; $150 will get you points or $200 will get you no points, just saying...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Charleston West Virginia

Steve drove and drove and drove.

All the way down to Charleston,Capital of, West Virginia.   
10.5 hours, clear roads.

Steve pulled over to a Motor Lodge, Budget Host, off of 77 South. 78 degrees, the Kawanha River was still as a stone.

$52 per night. Riverside Anchor Inn Bar next door.

Good Morning! 7:30 and the barge is heading down river with a load of coal.

Interesting that the "Tug" steers the barge backwards/ up-river.

The bridge is the Chuck Yeager Bridge.
His autobiography is one of my favorite books, I have read it more than once. He broke the sound barrier twice and has countless awards and metals. Stories have it that he flew under the bridge! I can believe it!!

This morning a barge was bringing a load of coal to it's point of distribution.

As we drove down the road we saw more coal being transported by barges We wondered why the coal miners are not paid more as in comparison with oil drillers on the Gulf. The small coal mining villages were pretty patched up. A patch here a patch there, like they didn't have the money to fix what was broke or if it is just the way it goes.

I like the thought of living on a river. Always moving, always something.

Have a nice Sunday.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Stop Me At Wow!

Habitually Chic® posted October 13, 2012.  Upper East Side apartment of interior designer Michael Smith. 
Habitually Chic® Stop me at wow!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

An Asymmetrical Mix

Penny Graham: interior,  London
Penny Graham: interior, London, pinned by Anne Harwell.

I would like this painting, and/or interior for my dwelling.
bloodandchampagne.comvia Thomas Murphy.

I would arrange this chair and ottoman beneath and to the side of the above painting.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Anthony Orio Live On TV

Anthony Orio @AnthonyOrio
TV debut this morning. Interview & performance set to air on WTNH ABC in CT Wed 12:30 pm EST. LIVE on Fox CT tomorrow 9:30 am EST. Tune in! 

Hey, we're going to be on TV!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall Color In Leelanau

The Autumn colors are peaking as we speak!

All the Sugar Maples in their orange, yellow and red leaves, back-lit by the sun, just shine with jewel tones.

Hard to keep my eyes on the road, the colors are so vibrant!

No other season glows with such intense colors.

Have a cozy weekend!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Anchor Cottage Decked Out For Autumn

Fall is the season for yellow sunflowers, orange gourds, golds and browns.

I set the table with Emma Bridgewater, "Black Toast" china.

These gourds are real!

The pumpkin lanterns are good for outside use as the candle doesn't blow out in the night winds.

The tribal table cloths look super paired up with black and white accessories.

Lanterns, globes and ghosts.

With the sun shinning on the table the colors just glow.


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