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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Charleston West Virginia

Steve drove and drove and drove.

All the way down to Charleston,Capital of, West Virginia.   
10.5 hours, clear roads.

Steve pulled over to a Motor Lodge, Budget Host, off of 77 South. 78 degrees, the Kawanha River was still as a stone.

$52 per night. Riverside Anchor Inn Bar next door.

Good Morning! 7:30 and the barge is heading down river with a load of coal.

Interesting that the "Tug" steers the barge backwards/ up-river.

The bridge is the Chuck Yeager Bridge.
His autobiography is one of my favorite books, I have read it more than once. He broke the sound barrier twice and has countless awards and metals. Stories have it that he flew under the bridge! I can believe it!!

This morning a barge was bringing a load of coal to it's point of distribution.

As we drove down the road we saw more coal being transported by barges We wondered why the coal miners are not paid more as in comparison with oil drillers on the Gulf. The small coal mining villages were pretty patched up. A patch here a patch there, like they didn't have the money to fix what was broke or if it is just the way it goes.

I like the thought of living on a river. Always moving, always something.

Have a nice Sunday.

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