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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Loveliness At Zero Degrees

♔ Lalique ~ 1927
♔ Lalique ~ 1927

I am slowly making my way towards getting dressed for work. At three degrees above zero fathoming how to layer up my clothing to stay warm without being too bulky is a chore! 

Diamond-set opal brooch, ca.1925.

Procrastinating I turn toward my computer to take my mind off going out into the icy frigid air. Blue Birds and Sea Horses by Lalique, sculptures in glass, and Opals with diamonds go a long way toward keeping me seated in my chair.

Lalique Seahorse Vase

Just to know that this little piece of loveliness is out there makes me decide to dress in pretty colors on this colorless morning. 

Iosif Derecichei, 'Walking Alone', 24'' x 36'' | Galerie d'art - Au P'tit Bonheur - Art Gallery

To find a meadow creek meandering through a snow covered slice of field reflecting surrounding landscape is a joy at below freezing temperatures.  

Enameled Blue Berries kissed with a diamond of dew wake me up with a fresh attitude! The day after Christmas, with everything new, is the time to dress up and go into the shop with fur boots and wool socks. 

Chinoiserie Chic

Where is this from? I will give you a clue, Lake Michigan is on one side of this Island so blue. 

Art Nouveau Brooch.

Cloisonne fish with a bauble of pearl is so lovely I will take two, one for each ear! 

Forsythia yellow raises the temps to a chilly smile at least!!

Claude and Francois-Xavier Lalanne, 1960s

My husband just called and said, "no hurry dear, the shop is snowed in and Martha's is closed." Ah, sweet procrastination, wish I could luxuriate all day in front of my fireplace, but there is a sale at Anchor Cottage this week with forty percent off of everything you see! So one more cup of tea and one hour later I will be at the shop with my boots and my hat, mittens and jacket, sweater and turtleneck tucked into snow pants! 

See you there!

Update! My hubby called back and said, "the roads are not plowed and no parking to be had!" So I am staying home today. See you tomorrow.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Sale At Anchor Cottage







Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday Morning In The Holler

Look at all the snow that fell in the night!

Three takes of the Christmas Tree...

...using different settings...

...which one?...

An English window sill. 

Loving the parts of the whole...

...fragrant Rosemary and dogs. 

Yeper! Right outside the door!

Waiting for the fellas, thirteen more days.

Too early for cabin fever...but we got snowed in pretty thick last night. So I will while away the hours taking pictures and moving snow around. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017


This is pretty cool. 👌🏻  “Trinity Lane” by @lillyhiatt is number 9 on Rolling Stone’s top 40 Country/Americana albums of 2017. 💥
On order, thanks for the heads up jonesonthedrums!
Happy Monday!  John and I have just launched our third fabric collection, A Life Well Lived, and the response has been phenomenal. Here, our Blossom Dearie, Ottomania, Crewel Summer, Manor Born, and Cotton House patterns in our brand-new lacquer-inspired Cherry color way, all hitting retailers—such as Calico Corners—in the spring of 2018. Fabulous AND fabulously affordable.  Bring the adventure home.
Mad Cap Cottage newest fabric line, "A Life Well Lived".

L o v e ➰ kär i @artillerietstore magiska bilder. Nu kör vi fredag! Iväg på lite fix och sen mysig middag med vänner ☁️ #inspiration #inspo #design #interiordesigner #inredare #interiordesign #interiors #interior #interiorstyling #deco #interior #dreamhousedecorations
Dream House Decorations in Sweden by Camilla.
The store last night ✨Open Today from 12 to 5pm #christmas #gifts #amsterdamshopping #negenstraatjes #ninestreets #jordaan #leliegracht #mariskameijers
I have a passion for Mariska Meijers eye for color and design. I bought the red star for my tree topper, here in the states, before I saw her Christmas window at her shop in Amsterdam. 
Yo @loriwestphotographysbca you wanna reshoot my senior pictures? This is bad ass!    #tbird #fender #tele #daddario #coolhat #denim #jeanjacket #audiotechnica #covenantcables #cali #willhoge #americana #rocknroll #beardman #beardsofinstagram #vocals #singing
Thank you loriwestphotography for catching the song. 

Mary Ann (@anchorcottagefreshwaterdecor) • Instagram photos and videos
At Gagopa Karaoke celebrating by singing all the songs

Modern Home - Wood Slab - Barn Door - Rustic Interior - Room Divider do this with driftwood

Dream House Decorations from Camilla in Sweden. This board would make a great desk top for me! 

Ladies and gentlemen...... your entertainers for this evening. Ya’ll have a great christmas
Brandon Gordon photo of the "Anchors Tour" closing show in Columbus Ohio. 

Cook for Syria, London 📷@lukecabrahams Marcel @lecorgi visiting @cookforsyria pop-up in Seven Dials that is donating all proceeds to children suffering from the conflict in Syria. Run by volunteers and donations Cook for Syria Cafe is part of the ‘supper-club that became a global movement’ initiative. #popup #sharingaworldofshops
"the_shopkeepers" post store fronts from Brooklyn, New York and England. Giving me a birds eye view of how other shopkeepers style their store exteriors.

This is my love affair with Instagram. From all over the planet, the sounds, designs and creativeness on my computer every morning. Inspiration at my finger tips.   

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Nine Shots Of The Super Moon

Locking up my back door at Anchor Cottage when I turned to walk to the car and this humongous moon was staring me right in the eye!

By the time I had quickly reached for the camera the moon had moved up, over the bay. 

Trotted down to the beach, thinking I might get a really good photo of the light on the water. 

This moon moved so fast, up into the sky. 

It changed colors several times, reflecting the sunset in the west. 

From pink to orange, lighting up the sky like it was the sun itself! 

Got to my car and made a beeline home to see the moon from where I live. From the ridge it was closer than over the bay. It felt heavy hanging over my head. 

These nine shots were taken from 5:00, in the afternoon, until 5:40 when I arrived at the Holler. That was some huge moon that followed me home!!


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