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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Loveliness At Zero Degrees

♔ Lalique ~ 1927
♔ Lalique ~ 1927

I am slowly making my way towards getting dressed for work. At three degrees above zero fathoming how to layer up my clothing to stay warm without being too bulky is a chore! 

Diamond-set opal brooch, ca.1925.

Procrastinating I turn toward my computer to take my mind off going out into the icy frigid air. Blue Birds and Sea Horses by Lalique, sculptures in glass, and Opals with diamonds go a long way toward keeping me seated in my chair.

Lalique Seahorse Vase

Just to know that this little piece of loveliness is out there makes me decide to dress in pretty colors on this colorless morning. 

Iosif Derecichei, 'Walking Alone', 24'' x 36'' | Galerie d'art - Au P'tit Bonheur - Art Gallery

To find a meadow creek meandering through a snow covered slice of field reflecting surrounding landscape is a joy at below freezing temperatures.  

Enameled Blue Berries kissed with a diamond of dew wake me up with a fresh attitude! The day after Christmas, with everything new, is the time to dress up and go into the shop with fur boots and wool socks. 

Chinoiserie Chic

Where is this from? I will give you a clue, Lake Michigan is on one side of this Island so blue. 

Art Nouveau Brooch.

Cloisonne fish with a bauble of pearl is so lovely I will take two, one for each ear! 

Forsythia yellow raises the temps to a chilly smile at least!!

Claude and Francois-Xavier Lalanne, 1960s

My husband just called and said, "no hurry dear, the shop is snowed in and Martha's is closed." Ah, sweet procrastination, wish I could luxuriate all day in front of my fireplace, but there is a sale at Anchor Cottage this week with forty percent off of everything you see! So one more cup of tea and one hour later I will be at the shop with my boots and my hat, mittens and jacket, sweater and turtleneck tucked into snow pants! 

See you there!

Update! My hubby called back and said, "the roads are not plowed and no parking to be had!" So I am staying home today. See you tomorrow.


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Anchor Cottage said...
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