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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Nine Shots Of The Super Moon

Locking up my back door at Anchor Cottage when I turned to walk to the car and this humongous moon was staring me right in the eye!

By the time I had quickly reached for the camera the moon had moved up, over the bay. 

Trotted down to the beach, thinking I might get a really good photo of the light on the water. 

This moon moved so fast, up into the sky. 

It changed colors several times, reflecting the sunset in the west. 

From pink to orange, lighting up the sky like it was the sun itself! 

Got to my car and made a beeline home to see the moon from where I live. From the ridge it was closer than over the bay. It felt heavy hanging over my head. 

These nine shots were taken from 5:00, in the afternoon, until 5:40 when I arrived at the Holler. That was some huge moon that followed me home!!

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