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Sunday, June 27, 2021

New Tools To Work With

Orders made at High Point Market are starting to come in. 

Sorella Glenn lampshades are beautifully tailored. Owned by a pair of sisters, whose parents sell lampshades and finials at Rock House Antiques in Greenville South Carolina. 

This whole collection of trims came in. The colors are so clear and the patterns are simply fresh. 

Shore Bird pillows, from Taylor Linens, almost beat me home!

This blue, pleated linen shade, I bought at the Rock House. I brought two of them home for a pair of blue and white lamps that are in the showroom. 

I also brought home three of these red, hardback lamp shades. 

Wall papers, fabrics and seagull pillows for this nautical guest room.

I always find new fabric swatches at 1502 Fabrics in High Point North Carolina. 

Excited to have the new tools for the trade! 


Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Still Recovering From High Point Market


After being on lockdown, for sixteen months, I was ready to see new sights! What I saw was overwhelming. So many people, very few masks in the buyer's crowd, the market employees were masked. By the way, I like these happy little rings, they make me smile!


As I lay out the loot, I stopped at my fabric warehouse, I was drawn to orange in plaids, prints and geometrics, for some reason. Same thing with the orange coat, above. I especially love it with the denim blue. 


There was a woven rug in the antique design, part of the market, that I did not buy and am regretting that decision. Orange, pink and red with a mustard yellow mixed in. Darn!

I opened some new accounts and as the books start coming in I will keep you posted. New fabrics, new wallpapers, new lamp shades, I had a smorgasbord to chose from. 

So excited to share them with you!

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

So Far So Good

This is why I go to High Point Market! Planning on updating my business card, adding my name and address! Wasn't sure where I was going to land when I sold my brick and mortar store. Now I know!

With my show room in mind, I headed to the market. Thinking of my up coming design jobs. 

Porch reading, for inspiration, getting ready for the trip to North Carolina. 

Down the road and over the Kanawha River.

Chuck Yeager was said to have flown under this bridge!

Through the mountains, bug shit splatter and no reading material.

Gas station reading material, better than the triple xxx material!

Picnic lunch at the side of the highway.

Back on the road. Will continue the story when we get there.

On the way to High Point Market, the International Home Furnishing Center in North Carolina.



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