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Monday, July 27, 2020

Something Simple

What a busy week that just flew by! Late on the blog post and can't think why! I had my camera in hand and I landed on the sand, but for the life of me I have nothing to report!! Maybe, that is what watching the waves does to your brain...cleans out the clutter and then you can see what remains. 

DIY home decor hacks! #bohemian #Moroccan #mosaic #tiles #home #greenery
Something simple wins the day when the kitchen is small and has nothing in the way! Stone, wood, tiles and metals meet together in a corresponding play. 

The time of summer when you and your lover snuggle down under grannie's quilts. Fresh sheets and down comforter, oh sorry no flowers...the roses wilt. 

Love the little window above the porch rof
Welcome, welcome, my guests, to the house that is my nest! A red front door and comfort on the porch floor are what greet my fellers at the door.  

A wonderful visit was had by all, down in the Holler, down in the cabin, under the canopy of trees. Thank you for coming by G&T!

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Company Is Coming

The kitchen needed fresh rugs. So I picked out a polypropylene by Dash & Albert called Happy Stripe. They are soft under foot and can go into the washer! My man, Steve, liked them! Great how they work with the vintage, English rose print on the windows and chairs. Didn't do it on purpose!

This is the guest room, aka winter storage room, if you were reading earlier blogs from this spring. I pulled from all sources, around my home, to put together a cozy and inviting room. 

Looks slightly mismatched. But what can you do when your source of decor is "grandma's attic"! 

I have carted around these antique bird prints for twenty some years. They have hung in the dinning room and living room of various homes from my past. I pulled them out from under the eaves and thought one more time. I have several more in the collection but the wall could only absorb so many. 

Bits and pieces from here and there. I spy Ralph Lauren, Pine Cone Hill and Red Ladder on this cozy bed. Some day I would like to decorate my home from the ground up with all new inspiration. But this is what I have to work with for now.

I tell my ladies to buy what they love and not to worry if it matches. That way it gives a more layered look to a room. Makes it interesting to the eye.

Now to bake a chocolate cake!!

Sunday, July 12, 2020

All Dressed Up No Where To Go

Purse crush! Wear with large sunglasses and long legs!

Giorgio Armani Spring 2012 Runway Review
Even at my age I could sport this, casual/dressed, look all over New York City! At my age I would feel more confident in a tennis shoe walking the New York City streets! This outfit, but a walking shoe and a large, fluffy cashmere sweater over my shoulder. 

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren
Of course! Leave it to Ralph Lauren to bridge the, casual/dressed, look with his signature denim!

Pair these pairs of, casual/dressed, walking shoes with the sporty outfits pictured below. 

41 Faldas cortas que van bien con el pelo suelto – Manuela Jurado Salon
I have a pinterest file for my little daughter-in-law. She inspires me to more fashionable heights. I would love to see her rock the walking shoes with this skirt and top combination and the pink checked Fendi purse, shown up top!

Otra de mis debilidades: los lazos.                                                                                                                                                                                 Más
Otra de mis debilidades: los lazos

This sleek dress could rock the walking shoes for a, casual/dressed, look just as easily as than a more formal shoe style. 

What I am trying to say is that there are all these beautiful style combinations, for women, out there and no where to go!

Friday, July 3, 2020

Sitting At My Desk On Friday Afternoon

I have seen painted sunbursts before but this one takes the cake! Right up there with the Sistine Chapel! Hey Steve, come on down, we're going to wall paper! Last famous words of the pope to Michelangelo. Steve told me he sold his forty foot ladder, what he didn't tell me is that he is still painting off his thirty footer!! My husband the artist. 

This catalog came in the mail today. The Madcap Cottage fellers went all out and put a collection of their work together. 

Look at the Pagoda Chandelier, how cool is that? It's good with or without the shades. Love the bell tassels hanging down, they're the extra charm, the icing on the cake! 

The lamps are at home with modern, traditional or cottage decor. What a great mix of patterns to work with. That's what Madcap Cottage is known for, that special layering of patterns technique. 

What I can say about this new release is that my son's, the bass player, name is printed eleven times inside the CD cover!! Gotta love Will Hoge's work, he sings the truth straight from the hip. 

And the last thing on my desk, this Friday afternoon, is Lucinda Williams new CD. She sings like a man, she has the percussion in her voice. Wonder what her and Will would sound like together? Gritty, gravely and no holds barred!

Anyway, always an intriguing mix on my desk.

Have a safe weekend, wash your hands and wear your mask!


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