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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pillows Pigs & Americana

Hung the Americana collection this week. Wouldn't the flags look great hung across a porch with a pine green painted floor and a long bench underneath?

It was more difficult, than I thought, to find the old flags. I believe the reason is that people dispose of the flags in the correct way which does not leave a lot of 48 stars or wool flags to collect and frame. 

Had to call the big guns in this week.

I still had pillows to make and ran out of time so I called Coco Sews. She did a fabulous job!

This room is turning out to be a favorite spot in the store! Any pieces that are not working are being placed in rug world and the eclectic mix looks fun!

These cushions are 26" square with navy wool piping and back. They are spectacular.

I did find time to make a valance last Sunday. It took 3 yards of voile, doubled, to make this 48" curtain. 

This picture is for my friend, Pat, as it is her home decor that has inspired me this season. Her bedroom is this blue and white and feels so fresh. I love her decorating sense.

Thank you Katherine, for making all the pillows in record time.

The fabric that has seduced me.

Pine Cone Hill has some great pillows to add to the mix.

What do they say in showbiz?

"That's all folks!"

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