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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Feeling The Fabrics

The owner of this discount fabric house has a great eye.
 I found cotton chintz, wool crewel work and name designer fabrics all through the store. 

Jackie's great-granddaughter is getting a pink nursery via her decorator!  The walls are a muddy pink and we choose dotted swiss for the windows and I found this small English print for the valences.

A classic Thibaut print.

I was falling for the chintz.
 The polished colors are so pretty.

Took care of the red, white and blue problem!

That green fabric was a great find.

Looking for "contemporary" toile.

It's all about the polished cotton.

The English know the secrete to printing colors.

I made pillows using this fabric last year
 and they trotted out the door.

Steve's catch of the day!

I would love to put this in some little boy's room.

The contrast in colors, on this fabric, comes off so vibrant.

Who needs new cushions on their white wicker?

This material has a three and a half feet repeat.
 Needs a white sofa in front of it.

How much fun is all this fabric?
 Coco, hold two weeks open for
 a pillow making party, pretty please.

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