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Monday, May 20, 2019

A Landscaping Project

Once upon a time we were going to build a pole barn on our property. We had to dig away at the hillside for fill dirt for the foundation. We were left with a huge, unsightly gouge in the hill along the driveway. So first things first, we ordered ten yards of top soil from KAL Excavating.   
 Then we had Joey Thomas bring two Beech trees and three Redbud bushes from our local nursery, Peninsula Perennials, and unload them in the driveway.  

We had a mountain of wood chips that Deering Tree Service had left us after taking the three Maple trees down. So we had plenty of mulch to cover up the mud hole. 
All the components were in place and Joey went to work spreading the top soil and digging the holes. 

This little tractor was just the right size for moving the dirt and the mulch around the driveway. 

He was finished in no time! 

Now we need to water them in and promote root growth. Hopefully the leaves will fill out and camouflage the unsightly side of the hill. Next we need to find someone to spray seeds onto the hillside to prevent erosion. But in the meantime the mason said it would be a year before we can pour the concrete for the pole building over the fill dirt. Talk about a project on hold! The pole building was to be the show room for the decorating business. So Anchor Cottage Freshwater Decor will just have to make do with the studio.

So there you have it, "the best-laid plans of mice and men".  

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