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Saturday, February 18, 2017

February Thaw...Better Then The Mall

To the north Ombre Indigo hues.

A land jetty I never tire of photographing, it is so linear to me. 

Snow rimmed "sugar bowl".

Daisy found her inner pocket!

Walking the beach with the weight of the world around her hips!

The long of it.

When I drove out of the driveway, this morning, I didn't think I would make it, it was solid ice. When I came home I almost got stuck in the mud! 

Benny, move over rover I want to take a picture of the Heron.

He is so handsome in the light.

A fragile winter plant.

Never do I get tired of shooting my front porch. 

Look at the sunlight spilling down like a stream across the snow.

The light is so pure for the moment.

Sometimes I feel ten feet tall...who wrote that song? 

My loot from the day...see the lower stone? It is a picture of a Lake Michigan sunset! Wonder if Liz Saile could frame it in gold and hang it on a chain.  What a day! 

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