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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Lined Up And Waiting To Go!

Thank goodness my dinning room table is eight feet long!

There are boxes of Little English baby clothes under this table.

Six panels of draperies for the french doors neatly pressed.

Baskets full of line books waiting to be loaded into the hatch.

If I wait any longer this ceramic stool may have to stay home.

I have already taken one load to the shop.

How to work this collection into my new office.

These pillows, and Steve, are ready to move on.

"What the heck, we've been lined up and ready for a month now!"
Pillow talk!

Stacks and stacks of merchandise ready to be transported to Anchor Cottage.

At this point in time I will not even show you the state of the shop. It is coming along but I have a dry wall dust mess to clean up before I can put all the pretty pieces in place.

New fabrics and pillows and English cream ware all waiting in line to be packed up and taken to the store.

Monday is the day to go down to the store to set up shop. I need to arrange the fixtures and take the "swiffer" to the place.
Hang the curtains and unpack the merchandise and won't you be surprised at all the fun things that will greet your eyes!

I may be starting to get "cabin fever"!

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