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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Christmas Is Coming!!!

Christmas time is all about surprises! Like slipping on the ice and breaking your leg! My poor honey.

This surprise floored me! So elegant, just beautiful, will use them for my Christmas table on Saturday. 

What to do with outdated wallpaper books? Steve and I made chains for decorations! Gave a one to Jennifer in orange tones to hang on her orange, outsized chandelier and we made one for Jackie, the decorator, in all her muddy tones! A fun surprise!

If I had realized how gorgeous this shale colored sheepskin was I would have had it on the showroom floor a long time ago?
Pleasantly surprised.  

Very surprised that I did not fall off the driveway, backing down, in the icy, slushy, mix we had. 

It has been a tough two in a half weeks. But hubby is on the mend and I have all the presents wrapped! Now if I could invent a way to easily bring in wood for the stove...time for  a nap!

Merry Christmas!!


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