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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Tear Sheet Book

I read at least 4 decorating magazines every month, plus some. When I see something that I like I tear the page out and drop it into a basket I keep next to my perch.

 So, when we go on road trips, I take my "desk-in-a-basket" a tray and my tear sheets to work on so I don't have to watch Steve drive down the southern corridors  filled with aggressive drivers.

I really can't remember which magazine I tear these pages from so if you recognize any of these shots please let me know who is the photographer.
Above, is the first vignette I put together. It is my interpretation of  the professors home in Back Bay Boston.

This page came out of the basket for the Florida home in my dreams. I sell the stack of blue and white boxes in my store.

I love this look for my downtown Nashville loft! I love the fresh graphics, so young and hip.

 I know, it sounds crazy but I have to start somewhere so I make up a space to decorate and then put something together out of my tear sheets.
Gets me to Florida and back without critiquing  Steve's driving!

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