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Saturday, March 23, 2013

His Energy Matched The Day

78 degrees, 62 degrees, wet, damp, rainy and a tornado to boot. Anchor & Paint designed and installed a headboard to the bed in the master bedroom.

We had a rating company come in to rate our rental and about the only thing they could find to up-grade was to add a headboard to the bed in the master bedroom.

Steve used the," original to the home", fireplace mantel. The bedroom is only 8 ft wide so he cut it out to fit within the molding so it would not take up extra room.

Anchor & Paint then moved on to building closets.

The 2 bedrooms are so small that a conventional closet would be very tight.

After all it is a weekly rental.

Down the line we may be able to configure something more substantial in the master bedroom.

It was a true rain forest of a rain today!

Too deep for taking a walk.

We could use a, "no-wake", sign about now.

Add hail and 45 mph winds and whoopee!!

Help, my calipers are drowning.

A river to the Atlantic Ocean flowing right down Osceola St.

A very productive rain day. Redwood shelf nestled in, next to the stove.

Flowing down the river...

Looks like a sunset, but it's only the place mat reflected in the window.

Good work Anchor & Paint.


Lynlee and Jimmy said...

Thank You So Much Mary Ann
for sharing your vacation with us.
Blue Bell is beautiful!
Love the name Anchor & Paint.

Linda said...

I would stay in that cute little place in a New York minute!


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