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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Working On The Shop

This row of shelving is two feet in from the new wall!!

What we are putting behind that wall is a studio apartment for Steve and I to stay in when we sell the Holler.

I will miss my "backdoor" customers. It was always fun to look up and see who knew to park out back and come in through the french doors.

Table-top world is now where" rug world" was. The fabric hanging over the french doors will be new curtains for the door walls and valances, over the windows, behind the counter.

Painted the counter a glossy blue to go with the curtains.

Here we are looking, from the front door, past "paper world" into "baby world"!

Over there is the new rug and fabric world. All the rug and fabric swatches plus lampshades will be in this area.

Where is "bedding world" you ask? It will be on the same wall as the point of sale. Will there be enough room? It will be a tight fit but I will work on the flow, by selling some fixtures and piling it high!

So, as soon as Steve can put the wall up, I needed the wall space, I can start putting it back together again. Can't wait to hang all the paintings I inherited from Tree Line Gallery.

Starting to feel the excitement of a new look.

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