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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gulf World Marine Park

This is a huge California Sea Lion named Oscar. He is incredibly intelligent. All of the commands, that he performs, help the trainer to make sure he is okay in every way.

You can tell the difference between a Sea Lion and a Seal by their ear flaps. Seals don't have any! This little Sea Lion just got into "pose position" the moment I pulled the camera up. 

This is a rarely-seen, off-shore, Rough-toothed Dolphin.

They are larger and darker in color than the dolphins we see up close when swimming in the Gulf.

There were a perfect pair of Flamingos standing on one leg.

A pair of African Spurred Tortoise. Third largest Tortoise in the world. Look at them profile for the camera.

What can you say about Florida's favorite flower? 

Look at the eye liner on this guy!

He was a mite shy.

This is an Albino snake. 

He never moved a muscle, thank goodness.

This Sting Ray was so friendly, it would swim around it's pool and looked directly at you and then lift his fin up for you to pet. He felt silky soft.

Good color in the Coral Reef Aquarium.

This was the headlining entertainment. 

The music was just rocking and these Dolphins were having a ball.

Steve and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! What a fun Monday morning. 

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