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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Money's Critters Come North

Look at these chickens! Are they not colorful and happy? 

Lonnie's sister made the quilted place mats and pillows.

I swear I just open the door to my Jeep and the critters pile in. Sometimes I need to make sure there's not a dog or two of Twyla's!

This dog jumped into the back seat!

The red roosters are awesome, standing up so tall and proud. I want to keep the yellow bird tree for me(-:

Twyla and Lonnie took us over to the quilt shop and we bought vintage and new quilts for resale at Anchor Cottage. The embroidered pillow cases are by Lonnie's sister. They look so pretty with the yellow quilt.

Holy smokes!! This rooster is almost as tall as me. He can stay outside in the weather because he is actually a fence post painted with exterior paint. He would look really good in someones outdoor kitchen.

I even bought a new t-shirt to wear!
 Every year we stop at the Money's and load up with their unique and original folk art. 

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Korner Kottage Krunch said...

LOVE the critters...can't wait to see your newly, freshly painted cottage.


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