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Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Lick And A Polish At Blue Bell Cottage

We had a brief window of opportunity to fluff up Blue Bell Cottage between rentals.

It seems that the renters have enjoyed the property, we found many glowing comments in our guest book.

It's very small and cozy, sleeps 4.

Master bedroom has french doors to the back courtyard.

The second bedroom is a bright treat with 3 long windows.

The little kitchen is just right for easy cooking.

Darling breakfast bar.

One never knows when one will need need an utility room when one is on vacation(-:

Stepping out to the back porch.

One of the most frequent comments was location. You can walk or ride bikes to all the fun places in St Augustine.

Very private and peaceful spot for morning coffee.

Mr. Lincoln was at the gate to say, "goodbye for now, Mary Ann."

The renters have been very tidy with the property and I can tell they enjoyed their stays.

We washed floors, stove and oven, inside and on top of the fridge.   Washed fingerprints off all the door jams and windows and dusted ledges and lamps. Vacuumed under everything. The rest is up to the cleaning service and Mr Mow It All!

1 comment:

Lynlee and Jimmy said...

Blue Bell Cottage looks classy!
Especially now that Mr Lincoln is a live in manager.


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