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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Moving Right Along

Over all this arrangement appears dated, to me. What I like about it is the waxed pine, boxwood ball, tole lamp, seashell box and the the delft foot bath full of tulips. What would it take to freshen this side board up? Think about it. 

Our Resist Indigo pillow is perfect paired with red and white ♥️💙. Use code heart25 for 25% off our sale section - ends tomorrow!

Beach house special! Red, white and blue with pink. Fresh, fresh, fresh and easy!

Finding these dolls all over the European pinterest. I would like a group of them, to sell in Anchor Cottage, just for humor. 

Hostas in containers with White Impatiens

Would love to plant the Hosta and white Impatients at the back door of the shop. It is very shady there and this would be very simple and pretty. My problem is that I would want to put an orange or pink in the mix, it is better to keep it simple. 

It's The Little Things: :: bedroom updates ::

Over the top, but striking to the eye just the same. How would you change it up? Throw in one more pattern, in blue and white, by changing out the small decorative pillow. 

The prettiest tea set on white lace tablecloth. 

I know... ♡

Always receptive to the love from above!

The sun is out, it is the weekend and I have a lot to get done before the shop opens for the season!

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