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Monday, June 5, 2017

Travel USA

The spoils. I am getting ready to post some exciting news in my life. Takes time to sort out all of the photos and notes taken on this excursion to NYC. I will say that the Strand book shop was one of the best spaces in time I have been to in a while. Although, it may be a three out of ten this trip! Travel USA...United Sardines Airline...packs you in and gets you to where you want to be in twenty minuets! I had an aisle seat in the last row and took a moment to lean out and notice all the shoulders, elbows and knee bones hanging out of the seats. We were not bothered to have our carry-ons under the seat in front of us as that was the only place for your feet. Sheesh, I held my magazine at an angle to the left, because there was not enough room to hold it straight in front of me, to be able to read the darn thing. Took eleven hours of traveling to make it home to my own bed. Could have been in London in eight. All in all it was the best forty eight hours a girl could ever have. 

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