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Monday, June 12, 2017

The Big Hang

Saturday I had three different people into the shop wanting me to take their artwork on consignment. 

This was an unexpected artist I had not seen for fifteen years. He just sauntered in and was surprised that I was the shop owner. I like his work so I accepted five paintings. Where to hang them was another matter as I am out of wall space. 

Then I had a customer who has sold the farm and is moving back down state. She brought in the left overs of her estate sale. I couldn't say no. I feel that her pieces would fit perfect in someone's farmhouse. 

French pharmaceutical botanicals hand carried from Paris showed up at my door along with antique chocolate molds.   

To make room you start with one corner and move props and furniture to uncover wall space. Then up and down the ladder filling in the spaces with smalls. With the shop being so tiny it is hard to work around customers walking in and no where to set anything down. Thank goodness I had Lisa, behind the counter, to wait on the customers while I worked on the hang. It is a tight little shop almost to the point of being crowded in. On well, we have a short season and everything needs to be on deck to sell.

Come in and see our eclectic collection of home accessories.

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