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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Brookfield Place

Tory Burch, if I had had more time I would have been back to buy several pieces that I saw in this store. Loved the colorways. 

Gucci, they were missing the red man in the manikin line-up!

Bottega Veneta's window display photographed better than a live viewing. 

Looks real.

Hermes perfume bottles, beautiful.

Live palm trees, not sure if the white gauze portrayed clouds or if it was in place to catch any falling coconuts.  

The main atrium, in the mall, was all about the light.

The Brookfield Place mall on the Hudson River.

My favorite window display.

They say malls are going out of style, but this shopping mall incorporated a walk through from the financial district down to Battery Park Marina and a wonderful eatery, Beaubourg, where we ate breakfast twice and had cocktails and munchies in the afternoon overlooking the water traffic on the Hudson River. Then took a long walk to see the Statue Of Liberty and take in the sunshine and fresh air. A wonderful oasis in the middle of metropolis. 

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