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Sunday, December 25, 2016

When They Say Merry Christmas What They Really Mean Is Surprise!!

Way long ago, in Deland Florida, back in the corner of  Florida Victorian  Architectural Antiques, I found this hand wrought, iron fence. Eight feet nine inches long. A rusty mess of a thing weighing in at eighty five pounds.
Brought it back to Blue Bell Cottage and gave it a quick scrub. I love the detail around the anchors. How to bring home the anchor fence all the way, fourteen hundred miles, to Anchor Cottage? Steve strapped that puppy to the top of the Suburban and away we went!!
Five years later...couldn't drive to work because it was too icy so my sweet husband drove me in. Quiet Christmas Eve down at Anchor Cottage so I called him to come and drive me home. What do I see? At the end of the driveway looking back at me? My anchor fence freshly powder coated and welded back to health.

Heck of a Christmas present surprise for me!!

Love it!

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