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Monday, February 14, 2011

Cometh The Prince of Salvage

Master Mark Shuttleworth, proprietor of Florida Victorian Architectural Antiques, is the prince of salvage.

As you step into his studio don't bang your shin on the claw foot tub while your mouth hangs open looking at all the inventory!

Architecural salvage comes in many forms; from fireplace mantles and stair balusters to what was left in the building that no one else wanted.

In Mark's studio part of his shop, he displays all the bits and pieces of his finds. In the bowels of his building are miles of Heart Pine flooring, countless doors, humongous columns and what ever strikes his fancy.

Wood interior & exterior doors from the turn of the last century.

This lighting fixture is as tall as I am.

Mark brought in Laurie Miller to restore the terracotta  & horsehair column caps off a 19 ft column.

A door within a door within a gate.

Gale is the elusive elf that brings you your total spent!! You can find more about Florida Victorian Architectural Antiques @

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