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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Careful What You Wish For

It all started on Friday when I found this trailer on Pinterest.  On Saturday I showed Steve. He said, "dream on Mary Ann." Sunday morning Steve is giving me a ride to work when low and behold we saw this travel trailer for sale by the side of the road! We stopped and took a looksie. Steve said, "what a coincidence!"

Monday morning, on the way to work, it was still there. I called Steve and asked him how much he would spend. On the way home   I stopped and made an offer. The owner made a counter offer I couldn't refuse and he threw in delivery. 

I found the chairs along side the road a few weeks back. So now we have lawn furniture to go with the new home. 

We already had the Suburban to pull it along the road.

I named it Camp Randall. Steve said, "it sounds too formal, how bout Camp Randy?"

Anyway, to make a long story's a 1973 Jayco dual axle travel trailer. If it can't make it down the road then at least we have guest housing available!

This will be a sweet project to work on this winter, painting and sewing and decorating our new space in time!

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Micheline said...

I heard about this!!!! What a lucky girl you are :)


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