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Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday's Musings

My little Jeep Liberty turned 100,000 miles Saturday. She is a 2002 model, although, I got her September of 2001. She has ran like a champ.

This is Steve's Rose Of Sharon blooming like a mad man!

Love my new studio. Painted my oars red, white and blue Sunday.

Camp Randy is coming along.

We took everything out and covered all the surfaces with a coat of Bin.

Then we painted two coats of Sherwin Williams Dover White.

Can't wait to start decorating. Look how cute the little bathroom is.

I love my garage. It holds a ton of projects to be done, all behind closed doors!

How cute are these shutters for either side of the kitchen window at Hoot's Holler?

This is one project that is not going back into the garage, I hope.

I love projects and I think I met my match when I married my husband because he's good at them! LOL

Have a nice evening.

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