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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What To Buy At Treillage

Christmas Eve and we are snuggled in at the Evelyn Hotel listening to the rain. I say to Steve, "Steve darling did you look up the hours for Treillage on the computer?" He said, "yes dear they are open until 6:00 today." "Will you call and make sure, please." To make a long story short, they were open until 1:00 on Christmas Eve and we had to bust out of bed and hail a taxi to take us to 418 East 75th Street. We made it with 45 minuets to spare!  What to buy at Treillage? A clay canister made just for Treillage, a book about their good friend, Furlow Gatewood and a Blackburnian Warbler! The man behind the counter wrapped it for us and threw in a copy of Serendipity for us to read the article written about Bunny Williams and John Rosselli's "Oasis In The City". What I really wanted to buy, but was too heavy, 4 pieces of firewood cast in cement! They were pretty clever! 


Lynlee Sky said...

Happy to make you cement firewood....

Anchor Cottage said...

It was pretty good! Full size with wood grain split in quarters about 18" long.


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