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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Company's Coming!

Good Morning!
 I am ready for company.

Sprucing up the Holler.
Loving my new seagrass rugs underfoot.

 likes the new Dash & Albert rug at the front door.

I tidied up my side of the nest.

Hung a new curtain
 to keep the birds from flying into the house.

Steve built a new deck.
 Check out his cool fencing, you look right through it!

A new bridge to the round house.

Steve powerwashed the heck out of everything. When you live in the woods everything is covered in sap and mildew. He even powerwashed the white truck.

It's a non-stop jungle out there.

Pretty and wild at the same time.

The "craftsman" is in residence.

A little spit and polish to bring her around.

Looking homey.

The guestroom. 

I look at this combo every morning, while I am getting ready for work. Something about it inspires my day.

See you at the shop!

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