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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Working On The Studio Apartment/Need To Name The New Digs

blue and white:
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Skies of Parchment - The Cottage at 341 South | The Cottage at Christmastime. |
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1:12 Lean to conservatory... This is just so cute and simple, I feel like even I could make it.:
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~Bar Stool Buying Guide.:
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French country kitchen-:
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carolyne roehm-one-kings-lane-habituallychic-006:
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"Harbor Slip" or "At Anchor"
 are some of the names on the list.
500 sq ft all in one space.
"Harbor Slip" will have a small galley kitchen with open shelves and maple counter tops. Steve has some ancient tractor seats out in the shed that he will build kitchen bar stools out of!
Painted paneled walls and detailed window treatments will pull the one room unit together.
The smaller the bed footprint the better, thinking an iron headboard attached to a queen hollywood bed frame would take up the least space. Maybe a tiny little conservatory will expand the sitting area. 
Thinking thinking thinking...the architect brought the finished floor plans over today and I can't stop imagining the finished design.

Enjoy your weekend!


Unknown said...

It sounds exciting! I just finished about 400 square feet above the garage for my mom. I too used butcher block countertops and white cabinets. Have so much fun planning, and if you're near Maple City, I'd love to show it to you!

Unknown said...
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