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Saturday, March 11, 2017

"O" For Originals

The guests were treated to a semi- private performance, last night, at the Wild Wing in Jacksonville Florida. The Fellas were warming up for the big gig, tonight, in Macon Georgia.

The band is sporting a tight instrumental core. Alex danced his fingers across his frets in a measured frenzy and added his vocals to the originals! 

Rolling off the tour nap, yes I mean nap, was John setting the beat to the world as he hears it in his head. He plays from the center of his being.  

Extremely approachable to the audience, the  guys  reminisced with the crowd, each person recognizing where they were when they first came under their spell. 

Coming in from Orlando, Alabama, Aurburn, and St. Augustine, the hostess at the front said, "I been hearing a lot of goods things about this band," and was surprised that the band had a fan base this large!             

On the marquee, takes two lines to introduce him! His new original was so good and we were all aware of being treated to the originals off the new album, coming soon, as we recognized the depth of experience. 

"He keeps his pants up with a piece of twine, because you're mine please pull the twine!" Ha Ha not only the Johnny Cash licks but the Johnny Cash growl. Anthony Orio with a smile, a wink and dimples to boot. 

"Like A Rock!" He performs consistently, gig after gig, reading the listeners with his sharp wit and wisdom. He guides his band members to stay on their toes as they don't know what can be played next! Proud Mary to Alice Copper he entertained everyone there. 

Give him some, Christopher Halson Griffiths, my son. 

Give it up on the bass face that he makes when he is thinking about what he can play next. 

The green view. Blue light, red lights and what, no party lights? It was an interesting venue to shoot.

The band stepped up to the chance to play a lot of originals, old and new, to the fans that were smiling up to them from the floor. It was a very intimate night for us all. As you can tell, nothing has changed...Christopher made the remark that he only sees his mother in bars! Back in the day I sat on the basement stairs and listened to the band play a way long time ago. I'm still listening to every word he sings. 

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