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Monday, April 2, 2018

Just In From The South

Had to unload the Jeep so I could drive to Anchor Cottage, we were so packed full! 

When "Money's" is the last stop, on the buying excursion, the goods tend to lie gently on top of everything else that is packed into the car.  

I am at the shop, making room for the new merchandise, figuring out where to display all these happy pieces! 

Cats and dogs, foxes and bears!

The corbels were at the bottom of the stack. They were unloaded last. Setting outside on the porch until their display area is ready for them. 

Athens Ohio, Charlottesville Virginia, St Augustine Florida, Clayton Georgia, Murfreesboro Tennessee and East Bernstadt Kentucky were all the stops on this trip. 

Bought a little bit of merchandise in each spot and boy does it add up! Making room so I can open soon!

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