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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Good Morning Pat Custer Denison

These Emma Bridgewater coco mugs have been on my mind for quite a while! I finally put an order in after a three year drought.

Now I wish I had ordered more! Forgot how much I love her dishes. The colors are so rich. 

I tell my customers to only buy what they love and here you go, my favorites all in a row! Money's roosters, black sheep from West Virginia and Emma Bridgewater dishes from Stoke on Trent, England. 

Pink Pansies half pint mugs and a teapot.

Bear with Brown Trout along side french bowls and 8" plates for your cupcakes. 

Which one to chose? Emma has great transfers, the colors are so bright and true. 

Plates by Big Tomato and a little creamer I "Found". 

That was a lot of work, unpacking all the pieces of transfer ware from across the pond.  Time for tea Timothy!

Now I need a nap!

New new new in the shop and more coming by the truck loads!

Christmas in May!

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TRS Personnel said...

These are really awesome finds! Thanks for sharing!


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