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Friday, June 22, 2018

Cheese Shop Sandwiches

The Village Cheese Shanty is a sandwich shop located down in Fishtown. 199 West River Street, Leland Michigan, to be exact. 

For my friends and family it is our favorite go to for Pretzel Bread sandwiches to take to the beach! 

They offer, call ahead and quick pick up, which beats waiting in line. We have the menu posted at the Holler for all to order from when we are on the way to Good Harbor for the day. 

Yesterday, I was on my way to an appointment, and stopped to do a quick pickup of my pre-ordered favorites! It was 12:30 and crowded! So I parked where I parked! Ran in, paid and ran out, total of four minuets time.

Then a thought occurred to me! Why not have a designated Cheese Shop parking spot? 5 minuets for those of you that call ahead for your sandwich. 

It seems that the other major draws, into Fish Town, have a parking spot or two, so why not the Village Cheese Shanty? 

Check out the menu on line;


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