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Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Green Green Canopy Of Home

Back to this Morning Glory, is she ever going to bloom?

The blooms will be spectacular when she decides to show us her beautiful, blue flowers! 

Underneath her heart shape leaves is the tin man we bought at a sandwich shop on the Alabama, Florida line.  

He was hanging with some of his brothers when we unhooked him from his perch. 

This Alabama tin man inspired Steve to acquire a large collection of antique and vintage funnels!  Along, with commemorative can openers, for the mouths, beer bottle caps for eyes and buttons, and copper tubing for fingers.  And, of course, aluminum cans in five different shapes and sizes. Quite the process involved in creating a tin man personality!

The round house. It use to be cherry briner and Steve took it apart and brought it home and put it back together again on stilts! We cut down our Hydrangeas for the season, so it looks rather bare on the bank out there. 

Staking out the new shed. We need a building to store the lawnmower, leaf blower, weed whip, snow blower, chainsaws, oil and gas containers. It will be nice to corral all these tools and get them out of the garage. 

I have a pair of these ferns, on the porch. I would love to bring them in for the winter but they shed so badly that it makes a huge mess over my claw foot tub. We have" wintered over" the ferns before, one time for four years in a row! They were humongous! For a couple of years we took them to Florida and hung them up in the courtyard side of Blue Bell!

Under my green canopy in the Holler!

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