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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Last Week Of November

Had a nice breakfast with this beautiful couple.

Drove to the top of the peninsula to watch the sunset spread it's pink glow over Lake Michigan.

The pink glow spread across the water to North Fox Island.

Stood in my back room fondling my fabrics!

My darling husband chose this fabric for our antique Victorian sofa.

I chose this fabric for our antique Victorian sofa!! I really could go either way, but I do love the softness of the blue and creme.

I brought home folded remnants and end bolts from North Carolina for resale in my shop.

I have an off white leather ottoman that I want to cover just the top of in this fabric.

I have been pricing and hanging 186 fabric swatches. Anchor Cottage now sells cut yardage!

Are these the most adorable Santa Trees by Money's?

Here it is, December 1st....time to hit the ground running.

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