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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Good Morning Mary Ann!!

I love facebook!!

First thing this morning, I read great news from number 2
 son,"Well, the first response to my 10 PhD applications
 just came back... and it's an acceptance to the American
 Studies PhD program at SUNY, Buffalo. 1/1 so far.
 Unfreakingbelievable." I am so proud Timothy:-D

Second thing this morning, I got to hear 6 new songs
 from the new Goodfellers album due out in April and I am
 impressed!! Christopher you are awesome!

Anthony Orio and The Goodfellers performing a mix of

 their new songs at 12th and Porter in Nashville, TN

Thank you God, for these gifts, this morning.


Anchor Cottage said...

Second shoe fell!!! Tim Griffiths received adsmission to CUNY Graduate Center into their Ph.D. Program in English. Congrats Timo.

Anchor Cottage said...

#3 has checked in with an acceptance, waiting to hear from the other 7.

Anchor Cottage said...

We are down to Rutgers and Cuny and still waiting for Yale and Harvard to respond.


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