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Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Productive Week Off

I stripped the upholstery off of these four chairs so I could paint the undersides and legs. I did one coat of latex primer and two coats of Sherwin -Williams White Duck in oil. I think the chairs are from the forties because the last bit of upholstery was vinyl. What a lot of staples and upholstery tacks that had to be pried off. 

Rocky's Upholstery will be picking them up next week and recovering the chairs in this nautical fabric that was printed in Spain.

 I am adding grommet details on the skirt.

I want a short little skirt with stainless grommets with boat line threaded through and  tied in a nautical knot for a fun detail.

I have a small drop leaf table that I will paint in the White Duck oil (it's all about the high gloss finish). Should make a good looking game table with the chairs around it in somebody's cottage.

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