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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fabric Selections and Inspirations

This guestroom is softly colored, comfy and cozy. To freshen the decor up and keeping with the same furnishings I chose the following fabrics for duvets, slip covers and curtains.

For the duvet covers I picked out Flower Small Blue.

I had the ruffled sham on the bench to work with. I choose  Fern Wood Vintage for slipcovers on the pair of chairs.

The curtains in Topsy Turvey Red. Rather old fashion and whimsical, vintage children's pieces would be darling with this print.

Knowing this customer, I pulled this tear sheet for my inspiration.

I was drawn to the colors and the deer print for the guestroom. Couldn't find a fabric similar anywhere.

The three choices. I want to put the little rug in between the beds.

Flower Small Blue for duvets.

Topsy Turvey Red for curtains.

Fern Wood Vintage slip covers for the chairs.

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