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Monday, February 18, 2013

Anchor & Paint

Welcome to our studio.
 My husband built this alcove on the south east side of the garage. 

This is where we go to renovate pieces and give them a second life. It's warm and cozy with baseboard heat. We have a wool carpet on the floor to keep us up off the cement slab. 

The windows are to die for. They are long and tall and let in the southeast light that fills the whole studio. Originally the windows were french doors with the sills rotted off. Steve reconfigured them. 

My first project is to paint the windmill shutters for Steve to put up on either side of the kitchen windows. It is a joy to work in such a beautiful space. Ben and Joe like it too.

Anchor & Paint
Restoration and Repair

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Lynlee and Jimmy said...

Your new 2 Dog Studio is real pretty, guys!


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