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Saturday, December 6, 2014

December Projects Down In The Holler

Steve put the 1973, Volkswagen engine hood up over the door to my shop to keep the drip line from dripping on the back of my neck. We purchased the hood, complete with license plate, in Bay City Michigan.  

We have a 1985, GMC tailgate lying in the weeds....just thinking!

I climbed the ladder and hung Sunflower Seed bags on the wall in my studio.

I don't have quit enough bags saved to cover the whole wall.

I like the graphics of the different sunflowers using the same green, yellow and red ink on brown bag or white.

Last season, at Anchor Cottage, I had customers asking for book cases. 

So Steve built one! The backside will have a board. 

This is the front side of the unit. I like the molding detail. I also like the color of green, one more coat of paint should do it.

Two dozen, white felt stars to grace the christmas tree.

It's a beautiful Saturday morning in the Holler! The sun is shinning! 

1 comment:

Lynlee and Jimmy said...

You have lucky birds in the Holler,
and now very trendy wall paper!


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