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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Prospect Park A Wedding Venue

On the corner of Flatbush and Prospect, the entrance of the Brooklyn Library.

Across from the Folly at the entrance of Prospect Park. Beyonce is said to live in the glass building!

The arch commemorating the Civil War.

Standing at the corner, five corners!!

Entering Prospect Park, walking to the wedding venue.

Picture the fresh green of spring leaves, dancing on the patio under the stars at the Boathouse.

The romance of love, standing together looking out at the pond of happiness.

The Gurgling Carp emerge from the water to applaud the choice of wedding vows.

A moment of serenity.

What a day! Walking to the Boathouse in Prospect Park to see where Garen and Tim will be married and have the wedding reception.

Then, in the pouring mist, we walked to the Bearded Lady and had a hot tottie.

Next, a cab ride to Five Leaves for the best dinner. A red from Spain with mussels and ricotta with figs followed by the best burger.

Up the block to The Gutter for bowling and a pitcher of beer.

Over to the Manhattan Inn Piano Bar to "sing for our supper", it was piano karaoke.

Poured back into a cab and whisked across Williamsburg to arrive at the Evelyn where we fell into a happy slumber.

What a fun engagement celebration.

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