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Thursday, June 23, 2016

In A Daze

It was my little daughter-in-law's birthday on Wednesday and one of her BFFs sent this vase full of flowers. So pretty!

Staring at the favorite view in the kitchen, English ware seems to soothe my inner angst! 

What is on your windowsill? I am putting together a garage sale in the back of the store and this Staffordshire figurine followed me home.

A fourteen wheeler pulled up in front of the shop yesterday afternoon with seven large boxes from Canada. Going into the shop early to start unpacking. The driver said that a fourteen wheeler only has one axle and makes delivery around Traverse City easier than driving a sixteen or eighteen wheeler which has two axles. 

I am going to bed. Pictures of new product in the store coming soon. As soon as I can unpack and display!

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