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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall Is Here

The first day of fall is here. Time for a plaid flannel nightshirt to keep the morning chill away.

I actually took this quilt home with ruffled sheets and gauze bed skirt. Thinking about the rug next to the bed and the blue and white lamp with the black shade. Maybe the two pillows, also. We shall see. 

So many people are attracted to the fabric, draped on the chair. 

I am tempted by this needlepoint pillow and hand painted metal tray. I like the throw and the rug too! 

Orange, red and blue work together beautifully.

Is there such a thing as Autumn greens?

A layered fall table.

Love the silhouette of the white anchor with the nautical signal flags. A good look for a lakeside entry.

The shop feels cozy. 

Pillows for the bunk room.

This is a fun display piece. A good way to corral favorites. 

Time to hunker down and get ready for shorter days and chilly nights. Fall leaves and big, fat pumpkins, yellow Mums and cuddly sweaters. 

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