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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Weekly Collection Of "Pins"

Afternoon tea with my grandma.............colorful eating space with personality! Lynn Von Kersting, designer:

Traditional Home

Carolina Irving’s textile-filled home photographed by Patrick Cline for Lonny…:

shabby lovely...:

Chinoiserie Chic:

I'm in to velvet righ tnow <3:

Ebanista. Zebra.:


Screen Door. LOVE:

Spark the tradition of design. Bringing what is painted back to wood. The unexpected lighting in an unexpected nook. Letting your bed skirts pool on the floor. When your bookcases are a mess and the tablecloth doesn't match. Take a purple velvet sofa and an upright chair covered in an upright fabric and put it in your corner of the room. Does it matter if it's somewhat messy and if it doesn't quite match? It helps to take the tension off the room, to allow you to relax in the setting.
 What does it take to make you comfortable in your personal rooms? 

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