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Thursday, January 26, 2017


I really need to go over the Atlanta Mart temporaries before the first week of March. Instead I spent the last two days reading this, very well researched and written, book.

With Florida on my mind it is hard to concentrate on new product for the store right now.

Only taking two days so being well prepared is everything.

The "lines" books are piling in. 

This last batch barley fit into the mailbox. 

One hundred face-vases and counting. This activity is to make your brain transfer from left to right. 

Homework is to draw this figure without turning it right side up! When I started to draw him I felt like I needed to start at the bottom of the paper with his head, but the instructor said no. She said if I ran out of paper I had to tape another piece on. I didn't run over so that distraction is off my list!

So after I finish my homework I am heading upstairs to sew. So much to work on and not enough hours in the day.

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